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Praise for the book

“One of the best written and researched true crime books I’ve read in quite a while.”
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Harold Schechter

“A true-crime tour de force, with all of the features that make a whodunit great: a suspenseful, intricately constructed plot; a taut prose style that wastes no words;
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Del Quentin Wilber

“Dan Morse has written a true-crime thriller that reads like a rip-snorting novel.
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Michael E. Ruane

“Cerebral and thoroughly frightening, The Yoga Store Murder takes the reader on a moment-by-moment hunt with a group of wily detectives as they sort through a tangle of lies and bloody sneaker prints.
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Bryan Gruley

“With its riveting narrative and precise, unflinching rendering of a murder that isn't what it seems, Dan Morse's The Yoga Store Murder rises to the level of the finest crime novels.
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Greg Jaffe

“An addictive read. Morse provides a stunning view deep inside the lives of the detectives, the victim and the accused murderer in this gripping and exciting book."
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Adapted from the book’s opening pages, which show how mayhem was discovered in the unlikeliest of places.

The Yoga Store Murder