Book reviews for The Yoga Store Murder.

Nov. 29, 2013, The Washington Post, “With its artful reconstruction of the crime and its aftermath, Morse‚Äôs book asks all the right questions.”

Winter, 2014, The Advocate (A Maryland State Bar Association publication), “An extremely well-researched, yet easily digestible, behind-the-scenes account … Buy the book and read it.”

February 13, 2014, Tiffany Bowcut’s An Avid Reader; A Wannabe Writer “I loved this book. It was gripping and well-written. Although it’s a non-fiction book, it was written like a fiction book, keeping you hooked to the story. You really felt like you were there, involved in the investigation.”

March 16, 2014, True Crime Diary, “Excellent reporting skills are evident from page one … Reading it was the equivalent of watching a well-done, riveting documentary.”

April 22, 2014, Crime Library, “The book is a page turner from beginning to end, not at all dry or removed like one might expect of a true crime book. Instead, it reads more like a detective novel, giving a minute-by-minute account of the investigation, including thoughts, personal insights and key conversations between investigators.”

May 14, 2014, Jim Fisher True Crime, “A beautifully crafted, engrossing narrative of a fascinating and highly unusual murder case … The Yoga Store Murder is a gripping true crime book worthy of your attention. It will be the definitive book on the case, and is highly recommended.”

July 11, 2014, My Life of Crime, “Once you start reading it, it will be hard to put down. The characters, especially Jayna, will become important to the reader and you care about them … I highly recommend this book.”

August 7, 2014, True Crime Reader, “From the outset, you know Morse has real journalistic authority of this strange crime … Morse has really written a cracker of a story.”



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